Role: Brand design, Logotype, Web Design, UI design and Front-end development

Here is where I present other projects where I collaborated with design direction and front-end development.

lwwis project
lwwis project

Project Objectives / Challenges:

I was looking for a way to combine fun with professional brand with fresh colors, flat logotype and invite clients to hire the services.

Main Goals:

Present the brand, show projects and attract costumers.


First, I made the logotype and the branding, then I was working in wireframes to make the web design, finally I made the front-end mock up with code.

What were my activities:

Research to make a new brand with fresh ideas and combine fun with professional, Update to find a way to show the project, illustration, web design, mock up and code.

lwwis project
lwwis project


Good branding and clear website to make the portfolio more friendly and easy to use.

What happened in the end:

The brand is growing up with new projects and good reviews.

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