Role: User Experience process, User interface, User testing and Information Research

I was taking an online course of user experience in Adobe Education Exchange, where I learned the process to sort information with project to the final presentation with graphics using Adobe XD.

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lwwis project
lwwis project
User personas

Project Objectives / Challenges:

Present a final project to have a certification with the knowledge obtained in every week, planning and thinking in a final simulation. Learn the Adobe XD tool to make prototypes.

Main Goals:

- Search for the user personas with their main goals.
- Make the user flow and the first user testing.
- Learn how to make the sketches and the wireframes for an UX project.
- Design the first look with a moodboard and a style tile.
- Present the final prototype in adobe XD.


In user experience you have to help the visuals to conect with the functional needs of the users. So it's very important to select the right colors and graphics that represent the main goals.

What were my activities:

Look for the user personas, analyze the information to make an user flow design, then test with users with paper to know if there is going to be changes and then start to design with sketches and wireframes.

lwwis project
lwwis project


I learned the process from the begining to the end to make a good experience for the users and know what they want and need to solve their tasks in their daily life, I learned to enjoy and be patient getting information and keeping it to the right place to make the best concepts for the user flow, and then sort the steps that the users wants.

What happened in the end:

I learned the most exciting process of getting more information with graphis, photos, colors, etc. to make a wireframes, style tile and mood board, I loved that excersice, and finally I learned to use adobe Xd to make my prototypes with all the information and to make better the comunication with the designers and developers.

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