Role: User Experience process, User Design, Wireframing Strategy, Graphic Design and Mock Up.

This project approach users to adopt a pet near to them, this project was the first time collaborating like UX, where I learned the process, strategy and how to get information to translate it into graphics for an app.

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lwwis project
lwwis project

Project Objectives / Challenges:

Find interested people for the app, make surveys to get the right information of the users like what they want, need, say, think. Understand the process and sort this information to design the platform pointing the main goals.

Main Goals:

Connect people with the app to adopt a pet with friendly navigation and having feedback and support for any issue.


Search & investigation, interviews & survey, analysis & observation, Sketching and wireframing, content map and UI design.

What were my activities:

The I have to investigate the users, make a survey for them, look into their behavior, order the information and start drawing sketches and wireframes in digital platforms to make the final mock up of how to the app have to be presented.

lwwis project
lwwis project


User testing was a difficult process but very pleasant because I knew what things the users want to change, I made the branding and the UI design

What happened in the end:

Good acceptance of the public and users, but the project has not been launched as a business.

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