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Role: Project Manager, UX Lead & Web designer

My work in this lawyer agency was a good challenge to put in practice my knowledge in design thinking and UX process. First thing I did was to talk with every person involved to understand their process and analyze what they say and think about the

lwwis project

Main Goals:

Design the process for the users to connect with their cases and manage their information, present the platform for the users showing them that it has a good service, easy to use it and safety information.

Project Objectives / Challenges:

Learn for the client and their costumers how they work
Bring to the developers the right tasks to work
Present the info to the users in the right modules
Make the user journey for the app
Give support and training to the company staff

lwwis project


Research, analysis, sketching & wireframing, web design and just the beginning of the app design.

What were my activities:

I had to present the timeline of work to the company, give them a mood board and style tile of how they want to look to their users and the final mock up, then I just have to make the front-end and give it to the developers.

lwwis project
lwwis project


A great website redesign and platform connected to an app

What happened in the end:

We solve the necessities of the company bringing them a platform with a panel to control every case pero user and watching who make the changes, the platform adapts to the needs of the business and its users have easy access through the website or application

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