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Role: UX improvement, Front-end design and mock up.

One of the best challenges here was to redesign the website that other developers were building, so, I notice that they have a lot of useless information with wordpress templates so I decided to make them a custom website.

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Project Objectives / Challenges:

Find improvements in every section of the website.
Improve the navigation in the map site.
Clear the content to highlight the main services and products of the company.
E-commerce with WooCommerce to sell courses.
Bring the frontend mock up to the developer who did the back end.

Main Goals:

This project was one of the best challenges I had because I had to change everything that they have done previously, So, I decided to make it from the blank page and make whatever we need and want, So we cleared all the content and improved the navigation and presentation of the company.


Content and requirement analysis, Know how the company works, Research of templates and web design to make a nice custom presentation of the website, Design some screen to start the front-end mock up.

What were my activities:

Review the current website to make the necessary improvements, and make a scheme of all the content navigation to know what information must to be included, together or excluded.

global lwwis


A custom website with the main necessities of the company, easy use in the platform panel that the developers connected to Wordpress.

What happened in the end:

The company improve the online presentation, it has more guests and it starts buying courses with multi-currency mode and different method of payment.

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