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Role: Project manager, Web designer & frontend mock up.

Sometimes, projects turn to bad management when the communication with all the members of the project and their expectations and good practices do not meet. So, you have to choose the bests decitions to make it better, the objective of this ecommerce was very clear, SELL MORE and launch the brand.

lwwis project
lwwis project

Project Objectives / Challenges:

The project had a programmer witouth experience with ecommerce, so we had to create a trello board with specific tasks for him and we had a single channel for the initial request.

Main Goals:

- Release the brand as the place where they can buy the products they were looking for.
- Selling their products in an easy way.


I gather the client with the progammer and I performed a dashboard with the user journey to make them clear what could be the process to reach the goals of the website.

What were my activities:

I had to focus into the main goals and taking notes to prioritize the herarchy of requirements and had to have a good communication with the team.

lwwis project
lwwis project


Good understanding with the client, a better support for them and the online store is working very good.

What happened in the end:

We solved the problems, teaching the client to use their own administration panel.

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